Rules and guidelines for our servers.

Cheating is defined as using any paid or free programs that provide assistance by interacting with the game. This includes aim-assist, wall-hacks, speed-hacks and any other advantage provided by such an application. This extends to scripting, as scripting provides you with an advantage that you would not normally have. This includes scripts that are used to combat recoil, but does not include having keybinds to automatically hit trees, as this can be set up in-game without external assistance.
Bug abuse is considered to be anything that is not intentially possible within the game. This can be anything from killing players from inacessible areas such as inside foundations, to purposely creating graphics errors to give you an advantage. You will be banned.
If you're banned on another account within the last 180 days, you shouldn't be playing. We are able to check this, and if we find out, you will be banned. Generally, the only reason you will have a banned account is because you were cheating. False-positives are extremely rare, so please dont argue about this.
Ban evasion is doing anything to prevent yourself from being banned, or simply joining on other accounts after being banned. You were banned for a reason. If it was temporary, wait for it to expire. If not, do not continue to do this or you will simply be IP banned. We are also able to share this ban with other servers, who can also choose to ban you for it if you are well-known for doing it.
At this time, we would like only English to be spoken on the servers. This may change later.